Top Slug Guns

Slug guns may well be some of the best firearms made for deer hunting, but all are not equal. Here are some of the top choices of big-lead throwers.

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7 Responses to Top Slug Guns

monte whiteowl wrote:
December 26, 2013

where is the Ithaca shotguns and are they too expensive to review?

Jim wrote:
March 26, 2013

Bought the 20 gauge 3 years ago and my Ithaca M37 12 gauge has stayed in the gun safe since then. It is the most accurate shotgun I've ever fired. Shots MOA at 100 yards with Remington 2 -3/4 accu- tips. 20 gauge has mild recoil and I have killed several deer with a single shot.

Jason Carr wrote:
April 11, 2012

I own a Savage 210F 1st generation 12 gauge and let me tell you about it's accuracy. Center to center group at 100 yards with Hornady SST was .375" (3/8). I have dropped deer here in Michigan from 190 yards to my personal best of 305 yards with mil-dot optics. I do not expect people to believe me; but all were ranged with laser optics. The bullet was supersonic and energy of it was 744 ft/lbs per BIG GAME INFO's ballistic calculator. Savage knows how to make very accurate slug guns.

Aaron wrote:
March 03, 2012

I like my 20 Ga. Ultra light hunter. I am sure it can hold much tighter groups then i can. I can get 2" groups and under all day long with it.

Don wrote:
November 12, 2011

I think the Mossberg 500 combo system is a top contender for a good slug gun. I used it last year and took two deer. I use the Mossberg with a scoped-rifled-barrel and it's a top gun in my cabinet of many.

Ben schlenker wrote:
November 05, 2011

I just bought this in the Ultra Hunter w/ thumbhole stock and the accuracy is beyond amazing. I have read that each of these weapons is finicky about the slugs it prefers. I must have gotten lucky as I tried the Hornady SST and within one box of shells it is printing cloverleafs!! This shoots far better than I can, but I am ultra confident everytime I cock the hammer. This replaces an Ithaca featherlight pump that I bought 22 years ago. I thought that was an awesome slug gun, but the H&R is a whole new breed of slug gun. Never looking back for slug guns!!

Ricardo E. Alvillar wrote:
November 01, 2011

I have an early 11-87 "Deer Gun" with the wooden stock which I lovingly tung oiled as I would have a new Garand rifle stock. Haven't shot anything with it yet; but, Remington's "Premier (Copper) Sabot Slugs" still punch cloverleafs at 50 yards.