The Forty Again

December 18, 2014

Wiley Clapp explains the relationship between the .40 S&W and the .357 Sig.

Herrett's for S&W's Model 69

December 16, 2014

Wiley Clapp says he knows of the perfect stocks for the new S&W Model 69 or other good American revolver.


December 10, 2014

For most of his active shooting life, Wiley Clapp was accustomed to hammer-fired pistols with single-action triggers. Now, he's forced to admit some realities of the newer, striker-fired handguns.

Ambidexterity Revisited

December 02, 2014

Wiley Clapp says it’s important to understand that the ambidextrous pistol is not there to please left-handed shooters, but rather to offer a gun for all shooters that is more efficient for a greater variety of situations.

Identification Numbers?

November 26, 2014

Wiley Clapp recently came to believe that the use of the term “serial number” may be a big mistake. A far better term might be identification number.

More on the Forty

November 17, 2014

After a storm of controversy erupted over Wiley Clapp's blog comments on the .40 S&W, the veteran handgunner looks at the situation a little more in-depth.

7 mm Merrill

November 10, 2014

In the heyday of handgun metallic silhouette matches, Wiley Clapp was determined to create an accurate long-range cartridge with a flat trajectory. Thus he invented this 7 mm wildcat.

The Forty Comes of Age

November 04, 2014

Wiley Clapp says the .40 S&W is a pivotal cartridge and continues to be the most effective pistol cartridge in wide use.

Ambidexterity in Handguns

October 28, 2014

There may be upward of 41 million left-handed Americans, and a significant number of these people are shooters who must deal with firearms designed for right-handed use.

The Enduring Hand Ejector

October 15, 2014

Long-time gun owners take their ability to identify various makes and models for granted. But what about newer shooters just embarking on a new hobby? For them, the nomenclature created over many decades is a whole new language, as Wiley Clapp recently learned.