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Cheaper Than Dirt! Buy-A-Gun

It may not sell firearms, but CheaperThanDirt.com now has an online firearm locator designed to put potential buyers in contact with a network of dealers.

It may not sell firearms, but CheaperThanDirt.com now has an online firearm locator, or Buy-A-Gun feature, designed to put potential buyers in direct contact with its national network of dealers who carry many of the guns that may seem hard to come by.

Those seeking particular firearms can simply click on "Buy-A-Gun" on the right-hand side of the webpage, select from categories ranging from break-action .22-cal. handguns to .50 BMG semi-automatic rifles, type in their name, ZIP Code and e-mail address, and receive information on where to find them or how to get them nearby.

Once the company receives a request, it forwards the information to its firearm distributors, who in turn notify their FFLs. The dealers then e-mail the potential buyer with information on the desired gun. The website has thousands of models organized by action and caliber from dozens of manufacturers, with a network totaling more than 60,000 firearm dealers around the country.

Among other features, if the user is simply looking for a local FFL, he or she can also click on "FFL Dealers" on the right-hand side of the page, type in a ZIP code and be presented with a map pinpointing each of the FFLs in the area, complete with addresses and phone numbers.


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9 Responses to Cheaper Than Dirt! Buy-A-Gun

Robert C. Bures wrote:
May 04, 2013

Looking for Browming Citori Lighting Sporting Clays with high post rib

November 08, 2012


Mike wrote:
November 02, 2012

Buyer Beware! Look at online reviews before buying from this company.

Tom wrote:
April 18, 2012

Looking for double stack mag for Russian makarov

kim naugle wrote:
April 16, 2012

Looking to buy a kel tec pmr30

James Morrison wrote:
February 18, 2012

Looking for a five round clip to fit a1907 .351sl winchester

Ken Krien wrote:
February 03, 2012

Looking for 7mm left hand rifle

Bruce Green wrote:
December 08, 2011

Looking for a LWRC 223, 5.56cal , 16 inch barrel.

George N. Seymour wrote:
November 20, 2011

Looking for Mod. 94 inchester 30-30