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The SIG Sauer P250

American Rifleman's Tactical Gun of the Year

When the editors of American Rifleman magazine met to sift through the past year's coverage of firearms, optics and accessories, we were once again faced with the difficult task of selecting the industry's best products for the purpose of awarding them the NRA Publications Division's highest honor: the Golden Bullseye.

"The Golden Bullseye Award honors our winners for bringing to market products remarkable in their utility to shooters and hunters," said Joe H. Graham, executive director of NRA Publications. "The award, now in its seventh year, has become a symbol of excellence and innovation in firearms, accessories and related equipment. We are confident shooters and hunters will receive this year's winning products with enthusiasm, and we congratulate the winners."

NRA Publications will present the annual Golden Bullseye Awards and Golden Bullseye Pioneer Award at an invitation-only breakfast during the 2009 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits, May 15-17, in Phoenix, Ariz. Following is a look at this year's American Rifleman Golden Bullseye Award winners.


"The SIG Sauer P250 takes a whole new approach to handgun ergonomics. Innovative engineering allows it to be configured in any one of three different frames sizes or four different chamberings all in one gun," so observed Field Editor Wiley Clapp in a feature (December 2008, p. 46) examining arguably the most innovative handgun in recent history.

Clapp observed that the P250's lock module is its heart and that it houses the hammer, the trigger and the springs that power both, as well as the slide rails and the solid steel guide block that cams the barrel in and out of battery during the firing cycle. When combined with one of several grip modules, the P250 adapts to smaller or larger hands with ease.

But what really captured our attention is how the P250 lock module could be configured to accept different chamberings and barrel and slide lengths. Barrel lengths of 3.1", 3.9" and 4.7", chamberings of 9 mm, .357 SIG, .40 S&W and .45 ACP and magazine capacities running to 20 rounds of 9 mm make the P250 a handgun system of unprecedented flexibility.

Clapp continued, "There's more to it than just a flurry of sizes, shapes and calibers. The P250 is a marvel of simplicity, with far fewer parts than anything comparable, yet its ability to transform itself in any number of customized configurations lends it greater appeal to shooters of varied interests.".....


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13 Responses to The SIG Sauer P250

Jimmie Abshire wrote:
November 09, 2014

250 45cal. Best gun hands down

Jim Williams wrote:
June 28, 2014

Bought full size 9 mm 2 months ago. Very pleased, just getting used to da trigger. Very smooth. Bought sc 9mm kit about 3 weeks ago from Buds Guns. Have fired about 3-400 rounds with no failures. Very pleased and would recommend highly.

PSarvis wrote:
March 27, 2013

I have a 250C and my son does as well. Great pistol, fun to shoot and easy to carry concealed with a Wild Bill leather holster.

WBILOUS wrote:
February 23, 2013


Curt wrote:
January 29, 2013

The factory at SS was remarkably prompt in returning my repaired P250C. It works very well, very fun to shoot, and I am looking forward to getting the kit to change from compact 9mm to the full size .40 or .45 when they are available again.

Curt wrote:
January 16, 2013

Bought my P250C last year, and put about 200 rounds through it. Works well with one exception, that it ejects brass backwards instead of off to the side. SS agreed to have that fixed quickly.

kevin wethington wrote:
January 02, 2013

I bought one of these, compact, 9mm two years ago. It is a little hard to find changes in both the size and caliber at the same time, or even a dealer that has a full line of these products for at or less than the SS list price. It shoots nice. A little too thick for concealed carry for me, but the 15 rounds are nice. I don't really understand why SS does not push this model more.

wavers wrote:
October 18, 2012

I just got mine the weight and the grip is great looking forward to range it

Tyler Abeyta wrote:
September 18, 2012

I have had 2 p250's with kits for .40 sub compact and .45acp full size. They are my battle guns.

Kris wrote:
August 21, 2012

Just got my new P250C .40cal - I had no less than one mis feed per mag sometimes 2. Very disappointing. Gonna get it looked at.

Mike wrote:
August 14, 2012

Purchased the P250 Subcompact Nitron in .40 S&W. Very smooth DAO trigger. May be a bit of a long pull for some shooters, but I prefer it. The three-dot sights are excellent. The size of the grip is thinner than other subcompacts, giving you more control and better trigger-reach. Also, it is a very lightweight carry gun for a .40 cal 11 shot capacity firearm. (10 in the mag, 1 chambered). Worth every penny.

Phil wrote:
July 24, 2012

I just bought the sig P250, words cannot convey how smooth that DAO trigger is.

aj wrote:
March 22, 2011

i love my sig sauer p250! best weapon hands down, tactical rail, light weight ergonomic design is amazing! love it!